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Tuomas Lauri Johannes Holopainen is a Finnish's musician born the 25th decembre of 1976 in the lovely town of Kitee. He's famous as the pianist, leader, songwritter of Nightwish.

About Nighwish >

The Nightwish's concept was born around a fire with his friends. He asked after to his friends, Tarja Turunen( ex-singer), & Emppu ( guitar) to record a demo. He sent after to a lot of magazines and radio... just for had their opinion but they thought that Nightwish had no potential.
So, Tuomas taken the desicion of record again. In the beginning Nightwish should be an acoustic music with acoustic guitar, piano and femelle voice. But, in the end, they decided to add keybord, electric guitar, bass & drums. This is how Angel Falls First born.
Tuomas met Jukka ( Drums) in their record's studio and asked him to play with us.
But Tuomas met some problems:
- No male's voice for duets
- And no bassist.
Tuomas decided to sing the duet cause they don't have a lot of time & cause Jukka & Emppu won't sang.
During this time, Emppu will record bass.
The album go out and met a great sucess in Finland but not in Europe.
When Oceanborn come out in 1998, it againa succes for Nightwish in Finland and Nightwish began to be famour in some others countries.
But the album Wishmaster go out and their succes continues to grew up. For their fans, they decided to record a Live DVD: From Wishes To Eternity.
In 2002, after the dismissal of Sami for professional reasons, Marco Hietala join the band and Century Child go out.
En 2004, Nightwish know a international succes with Once and in 2005 a new DVD from their last gigs in Finland ( Hartwall Areene, 21the of October) go out.
This DVD is a End of An Era like said perfectly is title ( Enf Of An Era), cause the famour soprano Tarja Turunen was dismissal by a open letter.
The letter said a lot of thing about his implication in the band, but about her husband & Manager: Marcelo Cabulli.

The 24th May of 2007, Anette Olzon is the official new singer of Nightwish ans Dark Passion Play go out the 28th September of this same years.

Family >

The Tuomas's mother's name is Kirsti and is fathers Pentti. He have a brother, 10 years older than him who's call Pettri and a sister ( 12 year older), Susanna. He have a mysterious personnal life and we don't know if he's single or not.
Tuomas loved is childhood and in a Nightmail he said as ask to the question " What do you make if you can come back in the past & if you'll see you child?" : "I'll tell him, my boy in 10 years you'll write you're first songs, take someone other than you for sing!".
His mother learned him piano at 8 years old, and she was been the Tarja's teacher.
Tuomas will say after that if he don't bacame of musician, he's be probably a oceanograph.

[center]Musical Road >

Tuomas start fisrt to play saxophone, then his mother learned his piano and at 10 years old, he played clarinet and go into a music school.( he met Tarja here and played in brass band's jazz).
At 16 years old, the piano and the keybord became this predilection's instruments. At this time, he played in the band Niskalaukaus and during the 1999's autumn he's been contacted for played in For My Pain, ( he recorded a album with their in 2001). He play in the Timo Rautiainen's band.
He knews the guitar and played in a lot of other groups.

For his keybords>
-un N364 ( live keybord)
- lots of TR ( keybord live too)
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Tuomas Biography
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